How Can I Increase eCig Vapor?

You’ve seen all of the promotional videos about eCigs. You’ve watched people blow enormous clouds of vapor directly into the camera. Their eCig vapor seems so full and satisfying; why is your eCig only able to throw out a few insipid wisps? Although buying a new starter kit is certainly an option if you’re looking to increase eCig vapor production, it turns out that some of the best tips for increasing eCig vapor require much smaller investments.

eCig Vapor

eCig Vapor Tip 1: Charge Your Battery

Did you know that eCig batteries only produce their rated voltage when they’re at or near a full charge? If you have an eCig with a large battery and aren’t a heavy vaper, you might be able to go days between recharges. Unfortunately, you’re probably only getting the most eCig vapor possible on the first day. Keep your battery charged so its vapor production stays high.

eCig Vapor Tip 2: Primer Puffs

When you puff on your eCig, it takes a moment for the heating coil to get up to its maximum temperature. During that split second, you’re only inhaling air. To increase vapor production, try taking a short puff to heat the coil before taking a longer puff. You might be surprised by the difference. On an eCig with a manual battery, press the button before you actually begin puffing.

eCig Vapor Tip 3: Dump the Cartridges

If you’re still using disposable eCig cartridges, it’s time to upgrade to cartomizers or tanks. Volcano and Halo both carry great selections of pre-filled cartomizers that will produce far more vapor than the eCig you’re using now. If you aren’t comfortable selecting a cartomizer to fit the threading on your eCig battery, take a look at the Envy Ego-Tank; this tank-based eCig allows you to buy your e-liquid by the bottle, is very easy to fill and costs only $26.21 with the coupon code MyEnvyECIG.

eCig Vapor Tip 4: Try a New Liquid

Liquids for eCigs contain a mix of two substances: propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. A liquid made only from propylene glycol tends to produce thin but flavorful vapor. Liquids made only from vegetable glycerin produce very thick vapor with trace sweetness. We like Halo’s liquids as they tend to produce the best possible combination of great flavor and thick eCig vapor. We’re also fans of Virgin Vapor; their organic e-liquids contain only vegetable glycerin for top vapor production.

eCig Vapor Tip 5: Lower Resistance

In electrical terms, a lower-resistance component allows more current to pass through, resulting in greater power output. By upgrading your eCig with a low-resistance atomizer or cartomizer, you can get more eCig vapor from your existing hardware. Be careful, though; low-resistance accessories increase the load on batteries. Smaller eCig batteries can’t handle this. Make sure that your battery has a rating of 600 mAh or higher before using it with a low-resistance accessory. If you have a smaller eCig, we suggest grabbing the Envy Ego-Tank. Although the included tank system offers excellent vapor production, you can also outfit it with the low-resistance atomizer or cartomizer of your choice. Volcano carries an excellent selection of both.

eCig Vapor Tip 6: Raise Voltage

Lowering the resistance of the load is one way to increase the output wattage of an eCig. The other is increasing the input voltage. This tip is the most expensive one in this article because it is the only one that absolutely requires you to buy a new eCig. We suggest the Lavatube, which allows you to set the voltage of your choice up to 6.0 volts. If you’d like something a little smaller, give V2 Cigs a look; the V2 eCig battery produces 4.2 volts when fully charged, which is slightly higher than the 3.7 volts of a standard eCig.

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