What is Dripping?

Every eCig has a component that holds liquid and delivers it to the heating element at a controlled pace. ECig cartridges and cartomizers hold the liquid in suspension with cotton or poly filling. With heat, the filling becomes a wick and draws the liquid toward the element in the atomizer or cartomizer. Tank systems work differently, using air pressure to draw the liquid to the heating element when you puff. Although all of these systems work, they all have a tendency to restrict airflow and alter the taste of the vapor slightly. What if you could remove everything between yourself and the heating element and experience the most vapor and purest flavor possible in an eCig? That’s exactly what you get with dripping.

What is Dripping

How Dripping Works

Normally, you would use an eCig with an atomizer by placing a cartridge over it. The wet sponge in the cartridge would touch the bridge of the atomizer, keeping it fed with liquid until the sponge was dry. Dripping takes the cartridge out of the equation by replacing it with a hollow plastic or metal tip. Without something to keep the atomizer fed with liquid automatically, you drip liquid from a bottle into the drip tip before taking a puff. After every few puffs, you’ll need to drip again to keep the atomizer wet. Many eCig companies sell drip tips compatible with their atomizers, giving you the option of using cartridges or drip tips with their products.

Benefits of Dripping

When you use an eCig with a cartridge, cartomizer or tank, the flow of the vapor is slightly restricted because it has to travel through a small opening before reaching your mouth. In addition, there’s usually a fair amount of plastic present in the tank or filler material. This changes the taste of the liquid slightly. The effect is subtle but noticeable if you switch to dripping and then go back to another liquid delivery type. Dripping removes the drawbacks inherent in these other liquid delivery methods and gives you more vapor, unrestricted airflow and higher purity of flavor.

Drawbacks of Dripping

If you’ve never done it before, dripping can have a bit of a learning curve as you need to know the right amount of liquid to add and how often to add it — and this can differ a bit from one eCig to another. If the atomizer runs dry, it’ll generate a harsh cloud of dry vapor that will be irritating and unpleasant to inhale. If the atomizer is too wet, it can overflow, causing liquid to run down the side of the eCig — this is why it’s only wise to drip with manual eCig batteries. Also, with dripping you can’t just grab your eCig and vape all day. You have to bring a bottle of liquid with you so you can add liquid occasionally. So, compared to cartridges, cartomizers and tanks, dripping can be inconvenient and occasionally messy.

ECigs Designed for Dripping

If you’ve been using your eCig for a while and are ready for an upgrade — or you’re a heavy smoker and know that you need an eCig with considerable vapor production — you should definitely consider an eCig designed for dripping. These are a few of our favorite models.

Volcano Lavatube

$99 | Buy from Volcano

Lavatube eCig for DrippingThe Volcano Lavatube is the perfect eCig for an experienced vaper who wants to try dripping. It includes an atomizer and drip tip and has controls that allow you to set the vapor production between three and six volts.

Halo Element

$59 | Buy from Halo

Halo Element eCig for DrippingThe Halo Element is a great choice if you’re a complete beginner because it’s a single package that lets you try all three of the most popular liquid delivery methods: disposable cartridges, atomized cartridges and dripping. To try dripping with the Halo Element, add a drip tip to your order.

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